Need help finding consutants for H1B visas in Hyderabad

Hi Swetha / Saurabh / Kumar,

Fristly, thanks for this wonderful platform and congratulations with the remarkable work and efforts you guys are putting in to help the needy.

Secondly, straight to the point, I have a couple of questions.

  1. I would like to move to the US for work (3-5 yrs). (no long term plans of settling down/immigration. Wouldn’t mind though if it comes my way).

  2. About me: I completed my BCA in 2003 and then shifted to a whole new world of Business Administration for my Masters ( thanks to the IT slump). I then dabbled in a few areas and managed to get a job at Wipro in the ITES sector working for an Investment bank (based on my MBA - Finance) and been there for 5 yrs. I have also travelled to London and Australia on client projects ( extra info - if it might help in any way !)

I quit Wipro in 2012 as I started a business and have now settled down with business. It is still running and doesn’t need much of my time.

On doing a search on the web, I came across a few in-demand courses and have started training in Informatica Powercentre and would go on to do MicroStrategy( I am more of a management/Administration guy). Coding/Development not my cup of tea.

Based on this work experience and a few other things I have mentioned about me, do you suggest/think, I can plan to go to the US ? If yes, how do I proceed ?

Looking for valuable insight and suggestions.

Best wishes,