Need help_Consultant offering me H1B_Can I believe them

Hi All,

Please help me whether I can believe and take risk ? I have been contacted by a Consultant to get the H1B done this yr 2014.

He says I have to pay the fee amount and He will return it in a year. its a small consultant, have processed H1B for 8 ppl last year and 80% success.

I have to reply him in couple of days. I can take such risk in life, But i dont want to get end up in a fraudulant.

Please help me whether I can go ahead ?

p.s: COnsultant ranking is around - 20,000, So it must be very low.

No way they can get it done, things were way different previous year…sam scenario I faced, but lost in interview…got great problems…Go always the straight route, lessons learned from experience…

It is not legal for employers to ask for the fee towards H1 be beared by you. You can only pay for the premium processing($ 1250). Rest all fee should be covered by the employer.

Hi Rishi,

Did you end up applying with the consultant? Can you please guide me? I am in a similar situation this year. Thanks!