Need guide on doing MS in Computer Science


Please guide me.

I am BE in E&C.

I am working in good company in Communication sector for 5 years now. I dont see much of progress in career in coming 5 years time.

My main objective to do MS is get better Job , earn more and lifestyle in US.

I do have excellent skill with computers .

Is it advisable to do it now ?

How much age will be factor getting settaled there ?

If you are in US go for professional certification than MS which will fetch you more money. US companies are looking for technical skills than acadamic qualification from the alien immigrants.

But should I do it ? Is it worth ?

American companies unlike Indian companies fire employees at will. This could due to other than performance reasons. They give salary increase for existing employees based on their output or performance not on academic qualification which has no value to them businesswise. I am talking about majority of the American companies and there are exceptions to it. Doing MS is a costly affair compared to Indian education if everything goes good it is worth it.