Need advice to reply to my RFE

Hi All,

I have applied for H1B in April,2013 in the Advanced degree in Regular processing.

I did my Master’s with major in Electrical Engineering in USA.But I am working as a Software Engineer

I got RFE for 2 things.

1.To establish Employer-Employee relationship with my Primary vendor and Client

2.H1B speciality occupation-Evidence pertaining to the preferred position.



Does anybody know what are the documents to submit.

  1. Your employer should respond to this. They need to show how they will control your tasks and activities at the client site

  2. They will have to show why the position requires someone w/ 4 years of college degree. They will have to submit job requirements and resume/profile of other people doing similar jobs and having similar qualifications. Again, your employer/attorney should be the person taking care of this