Need Advice on Salary Delay on H1B

I was working with a client on a contract position during my previous job (My Employer → Vendor → Client).I resigned my employer on 04-29-2022 by giving two weeks of notice period on 04-18-2022.

04-29-2022 was the payday & I should’ve received my full & final paycheck on that day.

However I have still not received my final paycheck. I sent an email to my employer for my final paycheck. My employer informed me via email that the final paycheck is withhel d till they get a confirmation from vendor & client that they have received the assets I am holding.(laptop & charger)

My vendor informed me that they have set return process & initiated. When I asked about the status of the return process, they informed via email saying it will take some time to finish. They are not willing to provide specific timeframe.

  1. Can my employer(New Jersey) withhold my final paycheck till my client/vendor receives their assets from me? I’m willing to provide all their assets. I live in Pennsylvania.
  2. What are my options to get my wage on time ?
  3. Can I complaint to DOL ? What are the chances for me to win.

You must return all client assets as soon as you leave your job and then wait till your paycheck cycle. Id the dues aren’t settled un time you may take legal action against the employer including complaint to DOL.