need advice for 12 years exp in automotive field to take up GRE or GMAT at 34 yrs

Dear sir,
I have around 12 years exp in automotive field and working at a mnc. i have the following queries:

  1. If i take up gre for MS in US is it possible to get visa ? As my exp is 12 yrs, will i be considered as a potential immigrant and denied visa?
  2. 1 year mba or 2 year mba is advised considering my age and yrs of exp ?
    Based in these i need to decide to go for gre or gmat

Kindly guide me.


You will be considered as someone pursuing higher education to improve progress chances at local employment level, not a potential immigrant. You should go for the 2 year MBA as shortcut programs are viewed with suspicion at USCIS unless you have enough education credits to shorten your program.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar,,


My view is that, you need to pursue what you are passionate about. Going back to school after 12 years is no fun, unless you are excited about studying and learning. So, I suggest you take time to think about what you want to study. Secondly, once you decide, then you can pick GRE or GMAT based on what you want to pursue. Visa stamping is always a tricky process, your age or experience does not have any impact on that. Read articles

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