Naming issue in DS260 & Passport

Hi All,

I had applied for immigration and filled by Ds260 form.
In my passport given name was “Karan Arora” and Surname was empty so in my DS260 form I had filled as
Given Name: “Karan Arora”
Surname: FNU

I got my passport updated (update to addresss) and it has the name as:
Given name: Karan
Surnames: Arora

Now will this be an issue as the names filled in DS260 and passport are different.
If so then what should I do now?

Would appreciate your inputs on this.

You mean DS-160 and not DS-260.

Have you already scheduled an appointment? If not, then complete another DS-160 form with updated name and use it for scheduling interview.

If you already have interview scheduled, you can try 2 options:

  1. When appearing for biometrics ask the person at the window to make the changes in existing DS form

  2. Complete and submit another DS form. Then explain the situation to the person at biometrics window and request him/her to swap the old one w/ new one.

No I am talking about DS260 form which is for Immigrant Visa and Alien Registration Application.

The interview is not yet scheduled but I have already submitted the application so there is not option to edit.

As interview has not been scheduled, you can complete another form and then schedule interview using the new form.