Name spell mistake in Petition document

Hi All,
I just now noticed that my name spelling is wrong in the petition document sent to USCIS. I have already received my petition receipt last week. How this spell error will impact the processing and what is the solution. Please suggest !!


USCIS will issue approval notice with this incorrect spelling, if approved. Ask you petitioner to contact USCIS to know the options to amend the petition.

Is it poz to travel with this wrong name? If yes, my petitioner will apply for ammendment after i reach U.S.
If my petition is approved and i apply for ammendment, it can delay my stamping…What u suggest?

I am not sure if that will cause any issues at the consulate during stamping or at the POE - your I-797 and your Passport will have name mismatch. Please check this with your petitioner/attorney.
[I had similar experience with my wife’s petition - we noticed the spelling mistake in the I-797 approval notice. Our attorney suggested to get it amended to avoid any issues in the future and we got the amended approval notice.]