Name problem during gre registration

My name in passport is printed like this- SURNAME: CHUNDRU , GIVEN NAME: VENKATA NAGA KRISHNA PHANI KUMAR. The problem here is my given name is too long so that it cannot be fit in given name box provided by ets during gre registration.whwn aplying for passport i applied with V N KRISHNA PHANI KUMAR as my given name,but at RPO officers expanded it.Now,what should i do??Should i reapply for passport or any thing else???please suggest me some alternative for this problem

You do NOT have to apply for anything new. Just stick with what is in passport. When applying in ETS for test, you can use the below.

Last name : CHUNDRU


Just leave spaces, that should do. If you think it is still longer, just go for VENKATA N K P K. It is quite understandable that at times Indian names can be long… Dont worry too much.