Name of Petitioner in i797 not matching with PN employer in H1B Visa Stamp


I realized that in my H1B Visa Stamp - name of my employer is XYZ where as name of the petitioner in i797 id ABC. Basically ABC is a subsidary of Parent company XYZ.
I have travel due next week and will appreciate if you can guide me with the next steps I need to get this corrected? Also the time duration

If I travel to US with the same stamp will there be any problem at POE? Please advise

That sounds strange as they usually keep the consistent. I suggest talking to your employer/attorney about it and then carry some sort of documentation to show that ABC is indeed the subsidiary of XYZ. Was ABC acquired by XYZ after your petition has already been filed?

Thanks Saurabh… I had a word with my company immigration and they gave me mixed reviews…
Some of them suggested to get stamping error corrected by Consulate while others suggested that it is fine to have parent company name on your stamp … I also noticed that the LCA letter also says ABC inc - A XYZ company - Moreover my i129 document also states the relationship between ABC and XYZ…
If i show my LCA and i129 form will that be sufficient?

Also to answer your question - “Was ABC acquired by XYZ after your petition has already been filed?” - ABC was acquired five years back but last year in april the legal entity of ABC was vanished in India… thats the reason all my supporting documents for Stamping interview were from XYZ parent company… lyk bep letter was from parent company…

I think it should be fine as all the documents sent to USCIS also contain the information that ABC inc - a subsidiary of XYZ. You should keep all the documents and be prepared to clarify the situation if asked at PoE.

If it gives more confidence, your employer can file an amendment w/ USCIS to get the petition name changed from ABC to XYZ.

Thanks Again Saurabh.
One last question - If i submit my passport to Delhi consulate for correction with a support letter explaning the required change… Will consulate correct it? Also is there any risk of submitting the stamped visa again back to Consulate. Kindly advise

Visa stamp has the right name - XYZ, it’s the petition which is the issue and needs to be corrected by USCIS and not consulate. To have it corrected, your employer will have to file H-1 amendment w/ USCIS which can take 2-3 months.

If you have upcoming travel, then I suggest talking to your attorney about what documents you should carry when traveling to US. Usually PoE officers don’t go into details and most people gain entry to US. Once here, you can start working for the employer and file for H-1 amendment in parallel.

Ashish - Did you correct the petitioner name in Visa? Any issues at POE?