Name Misspelled in approve i797b , but correctly splled in i129

Hi ,

Name was correct in I129, but was miss splled in approved i797b.

can any one please help me how to resolve as soon as possible.

I read few blogs for this senario , is it will take time. Shall i go ahead with Stamping process.



Its better to get it amended before going for VISA stamping, as you will be taking chances by doing otherwise. Your employer/attorney, who filed the petition, can contact USCIS and get this done.

I faced similar issue with my wife's petition that her name got mis-spelt in the I-797 notice of approval. In her case, the mistake was in the I-129 itself. The case was PP and our attorney emailed USCIS; got the amended notice in 3-4 weeks.

Hi Suman

I too am facing similar issue, my name is too big and portion of it has been truncated on I797. Is it ok to go for stamping as such or do we have to get it amended?