Name mismatch in Passport and US H1B Petition


H1B Visa petition has been initiated for me and the present USCIS H1B status is “Initial Review".  Well, I have a problem in having split of my name in passport when it compared to petition name.

Petition name present in H-1B Work permit for USA - [b]Sankar Venkata Naga Siva [/b]Whereas name in my passport, it is, Given Names – [b]Venkata Naga Siva Sankar[/b]

[b](Surname is correct in both passport and petition)[/b]

One of my colleague has recently told me that the name difference in US petition and Passport may cause a problem during stamping.

Kindly direct me with appropriate measures which ought to be taken in order to have this corrected.
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Can someone plz respond…Is the query not clear…?

Hello every1, got more than 75+ views but no one answered…:frowning:
Plz respond. Thanks for ur time.

You can modify the name in the petition by contacting the USCIS. They can send you the updated approval notice.

Thank you for your reply. Can you please let me know the procedure for the same. Thanks again for your time.

I am also in the same boat.Some body told me we have to apply new petition and new LCA for amendment.Can anybody please let me know is that correct?

You employer needs to fillup a form and submit to USCIS. you will get the updated approval notice.

Which form my employer has to fill up?is that I129?
And is new LCA to be required?Please clarify me

hI Sankar

I am in the same boat, portion of my first name has been truncated as it is lenghy. Do we face any issue at the time of stamping???

Even am not sure.