Name Mismatch in i129 and i797 and passport

Hi all,

I need your help for a name mismatch issue i face . i have an approved Work Permit but , i notice that there is a mismatch in the names in the I129 , I797 and the current passport i have. The confusion is all because i do not have a surname in my passport. Now i need to look for a solution than to sit and cry over… Let me furnish my details:

Current Passport:

Surname: blank

Given Name: aaa bbb ccc ddd

I129 petition displays as

Beneficiary name ddd , aaa bb

Please note that the full name is missing in the first name column.

I797 approval notice shows beneficiary name as :

Beneficiary Name: aaa bbb ccc , Name Not Given

THis looks like they have taken the Given name as in passport as the Last Name and the First name is printed as “Name Not Given”

What should i do now?Following are my queries:

  1. Should i change my passport so that i have a name in my surname like below?

Given name: aaa bbb ccc

Surname: ddd

This is like a name bifurcation and as per my knowledge from reading various forums in net , some have got it done without much hassle. But when i enquired in my regional passport office , they suggest a tedious change including from govt affidavit , newspaper ads etc., … Please guide on this

  1. Will the current I797 where i have " No Name Given" in the First name create issue in procuring DL, SSN etc., in the USA?

  2. Is it mandatory to have the I129 and I797 changed accordingly if i opt for name bifurcation in Indian Passport. Will there be any issue if i just change it in passport and proceed for visa stamping and explain them the need? Is it wise?

  3. How long does an amendment to both I129 and I797 take to effect?

Please suggest me the right way ahead.

Sorry to see so much complications, Could you please let us know is the issue resolved?