name mismatch in GRE and i-20


     My name as per my previous passport was

Given Name: Roshan Sai

Last Name: --------

Hence i registered for my GRE and Toefl using SAI as my last name and Roshan as my first name.

Later on when i got to know that passport without a last name will cause issues in USA , I got a new passport here in india itself with my

Given Name : Roshan Sai

Last Name: S******

My i-20 has this proper name of mine with the correct last name.
What am i supposed to do now. Do help me, as i am totally confused.

Reach out to ETS and see, if they can amend your GRE score sheet. If not, create something like a name reference sheet and get it notarised telling that both the names belong to you with required proofs.

Your key things to remember are names in your I20 and Passport, so you should be fine. As a backup you can do the above to avoid confusion. Also, reach out to the US school, that issued your I-20 and ask for suggestions, they can help you as well.

hi i’m sriram…i am also facing the same problem…so u registered GRE,TOEFL with no surname in your passport…did they allow u to write the exam ???
after u changed your passport and applied for universities were the gre, toefl scores valid ??
also what did u do later to amend your passport name ?? please help me as soon as possible