Name issue in FORM16 vs passport

i got a query related to the name in the pan db (form 16) and my other documents. all my docs(except my pan db) have as below.

First name : XXXX, Last : YYYY but in my ITD database it is presnt as First name : YYYY , Last name : XXXX

I have tried to get it fixed multiple times but always end up with one or other issue, i am going to file my ds160, So shuld i get the above issue mentioned in the ds160 as other name section and get an affidavit signed.

Or will it be ok to have the above in the form 16 which might be asked for in the interview for validation.

Sry if the above is not clear, any help will be great :slight_smile:

If the only incorrect name is in form 16, it will not impact your H-1 process.