Name Incorrect in Approval Notice Too. What are my options now?

My name was misspelled in Receipt Notice so i asked my employer to raise service ticket …so not sure they did or not…

-so yesterday i got approval notice …with same misspelled first name.

-so what are my options now ?

-next step for me ?

-to correct name spelling mistake … is amendment required ?

-has anyone faced similar issue …pls suggest …

Yes, amendment needs to be filed to correct the name. If the typo was caused by USCIS then fees should be exempted. If the typo was caused by employer (in I-129 form), then fees need to be paid.

@saurabh …thanks for your reply …
if we go for amendment … how much time it will take? …and parallely can we fill DS 160 and take Visa appointment date.

Amendment could take 2+ months. You can check the processing time for I-824 on USCIS site for your service center.

Well, you can take an interview date but you have to time it such that the amendment is approved by biometrics date.

@saurabh … i have contacted my employer …and according to them it not big issue such typo error are common and US consulate is also aware about it…and its confirmed by USCIS rep over the call …
What is your opinion about it ?

Ask your employer this - will the visa stamp and SSN would have incorrect name or the correct one?

employer has rasied service request to correct first name …and asked me in meantime go for stamping …

Did you go for stamping and did you get it approved ?

Hi Nitesh,

Finally what happened? I also have the same issue on my approval notice I797. my dob having typo error on dd/mm part it’s reversed and I checked its problem with attorney he filed wrongly as he took dd/mm/yyy of indian dob from Passport. How long will take for I797 amendment?

Hi Did you went for stamping ? I have also same issue my employer/attorney put DOB as wrong they are saying that they have raised the Service Request … my worry is will USCIS accepts service request for employer mistake

Hi Meenu/Ronkotak,

Did USCIS corrected your DOB through service request? If yes, how long it took for the correction and to get fresh I-797?