My wife's F2 visa has been rejected twice although she had all the required documents. Any help?

I am Ahmed from Pakistan and would be very thankful if anyone could help me. My wife has been rejected twice for F2 visa. I am currently on F1 visa in US. Although she had I-20 issued by the University and had all the required documents, she got 214(b) rejection letter. She is not doing any job back in Pakistan. How can we show her strong ties to the home country in next interview? Should she even apply for the next interview? She can always get a job that is not an issue. The other thing is her financial statements. Is there any advice you can give in this regard?

  1. What financial statements do you mean?

  2. What questions were asked during the interview?

  3. She can apply again for sure

F-2 visa has lowest approval rating among all visa classes. However, it is also true that sometimes for no logical reason, an approval is given on the third or fourth attempt. Important evidence relates to the F-1 primary (which is you) plans to return to home country after completing education. Second line of evidence requires that your wife shows planned limited stay such as 3-4 weeks and paid for by her own or her parents funds but not yours. The argument is simple - as an F1 student, you can’t have enough money to support a dependent so try not to show that you can do it. Does this mean your wife can apply for B-1/B-2 visa? Although stay has to be limited to 3-4 weeks, a B-1/B-2 application will be denied because for an F-1 dependent, F-2 is the only available category.

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  1. She showed her brother’s financial statement who has also sponsored me. Is this an issue? Should she consider showing someone else’s financial statement?

  2. She told me that the visa officer asked; Why are you going US? What does your husband do in US? Who is sponsoring you? What do you do? What does your father do? Where does your parents live? When did you get married?

  3. Right. So how can I make her case strong? What changes should I make in order to show her strong ties to the home country?

Ahmad, did you get the visa third time?

My wife also got rejected twice.

Hi Atta and ahmed,

Did you guys get the visa for your wives!? I am in the same boat as well. My wife’s visa has been rejected twice as well.