My wife has her H1 (i129) approval, what do I need to prepare for

Hi, My wife has an H1 approval and I’m in India. I would be joining her as a dependent. I have a B1/B2 visa as I’ve been a frequent visitor (for 2-3 weeks) to US on business. I have been on L1 B during 2000-2001. what are the possible questions that I would need to prepare?.

Also what papers do I need to get from my wife’s company?

Thank you all.

you need to be familar about your wife’s project and client details, remaining all common questions about ur family releationship only.



Vivek, Thank you for your reply. My Wife is also in India (Hyderabad) and she is still awaiting the stamping. So, while going with her for stamping what are the things that I should be ready with?

Your marriage details, your wife’s project details, and client details.