My wife has done MBA in finance from India after BCOM. Can we plan to get admission in MS in Computer Science?

Basically we are looking out for something which will allow her work in USA. Currently she in on H4 visa and She has MBA in finance degree from India Pune university after BCOM. She wants to change her career path, also she wants to do Masters in CS from USA and get work here. Is it possible to get admission in MS-CS?

Yes, of course. There are a few school in the US which is able to provide CPT.

Yes, she is eligible to apply for MS in CS. If she is really keen on changing her career path, I suggest you apply for good schools and not for the ones that give you CPT from day one. Check belwo articles

Change Major in US after admissionShe would be asked to do some pre-requisites as her background is not computer science. As she is already in US, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with few universities admissions counselors to get some high level idea and get a feel for the system.