My wife F1 and what are chances for me F2?

My wife is on F1 from January 2016. I have applied B1/B2 three times but got rejected. I have applied B1/B2 in March2016 two times & another time in june 2016. All three times I got rejected.

Now, which visa is the best option for me?

When can i apply now and which visa?

Do i go for F2 and when can i apply for best chance for approval?

Why have you been going for B-1/2 when your wife is on F-1? F-2 is the correct visa for you.

What reasons did you provide for applying for B-1/2?

I had provided reason that i just wanted visit her for 10 to 15 days only…

I don’t know the denial reasons, but most likely the officer would have determined that F-2 is the correct visa for you. You can apply for F-2 whenever you see availability. Do mention about this denial in DS-160 form.

Thank u for reply…
I asked them what is the actual reason for rejection to visa officer… He said i don’t have strong tie up to home country…

She has completed her 1st semester so can i apply in October or wait her OTP?


I received F-2 I20 from my wife’s University so when can i for visa?

You can appear for visa interview anytime now depending upon availability of dates.

Thank you so much for reply…!!

My three times rejection on B1/B2 would not effect to this right ?

Where should be more focus for F2? I mean any particular question where they can judge me?

It may or may not. It is tough to say. If asked, respond truthfully to best of your knowledge.

Thank you…

Do i need to pay SEVIS Fees for F2?

No, you don’t need to pay SEVIS fees for the dependent.

Can i say that i am going for 1 week on X’mas vacation and come back on F2 visa? I am planning to take date on 1 of November… What are my chances?

The officer knows that you have spouse on F-1. So there is no point to play around it. Say that you want to be your spouse and applying for F-2 for the same. Why the dance around the words?

Thank you so much…I have to be straight & clear…thanks for suggestions…

Also, I am sorry bcz I am bothering you too much…

No need to be sorry. Immigration scenarios do cause lot of back and forth :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot…
Actually i want your email id bcz when i complete my ds160 so would like share with you for your inputs… if you dont mind…

Share your email id here, and I will contact you via email.

Just emailed you. Deleting your email for privacy purposes.

Have you received my email?

Yes, I did. However, I didn’t see any question which I have not already answered here in the blog. I understand the case history. If you have specific question, you can email that to me.

Sorry, was away for sometime and couldn’t respond earlier.