Hi All,
I had H1B VISA validity from Oct 2014 to Oct 2,2015 with company ABC.I resigned in comapny ABC and travelled to USA on my own on July 28,2015 and
filled H1B transfer on July 30,2015 with company XYZ and got I797C acknowlwdgement.Applied for SSN with old VISA(company ABC) and my I-94 was valid till Oct 12 2015.
But unfortunately due to personal enmergency I travelled back to India on Oct 17 2015.My H1B transfer is denied with company XYZ in Nov 2015 and my VISA with company ABC was revoked on May 2015.

1.My travell to USA was illegal
2.USCSIC told me to apply H1B freshly not under CAP EXEMPT as VISA with company ABC is revoked long back
3.If I apply new H1B and selected in lottery,should I have to apply new SSN if I travel to USA with new H1B
4.Will there be any problem at the port of entry next time.

Request you to please guide me and appreciate your suggestions


Wow. Did you consult w/ anyone or an attorney before doing this?

  1. You entered US under wrong pretexts. The petition was revoked in May 2015 and you used it in July 2015. This is definitely illegal and you should talk to an immigration lawyer about its implications.

  2. Do you know if the petition was revoked by ABC or by USCIS? If ABC withdrew the petition, it can still be used for cap-exempt purposes, but if it was revoked by USCIS for fraud etc then it cannot be used for cap-exempt purposes.

  3. If SSN was previously issued, then it stays w/ you. SSN is not revoked or canceled.

  4. There could be. Talk to an immigration lawyer about this.