My US employer wants to meet me for strategic business discussions

I am a 27 year old Indian, married, working for a US based consulting startup. I am currently on contract with the US firm until the Indian subsidiary is set up, which is under process.

My boss, whom I know from previous company wants to meet and discuss strategic business ideas like whom to sell, whom to hire, which office to grow etc. It’s a 3 months old company with only 3 people including my boss(founder) in the US. The US firm is paying for the trip

I have applied for a B1 visa, can someone please help me out with what exactly should I say the purpose of my visit is, without raising any unnecessary flags ?

Any other difficult questions to expect?

Any specific documents I should take?

Will really appreciate any guidance here.


It is a very common situation. All you need to state is your reason for travel. You create an itinerary of what you plan to do in US and present it, if asked. That is something that you can show on your plan in US. You should carry all your work related documents, salary slips, etc. Be confident, it should be fine. Also, do share your experience after the stamping here.