My spouse is on her stem OPT & currently in India and she is planning to come on H4

Hi ,

Thanks for all your help. Right now my wife is on her STEM OPT and she is in India . She is planning to come to US on H4 visa . Her stem OPT is going to expire in Jan , 2019. Recently her project got completed (end of July) and she updated about her unemployment with college.

Q1. DSO is asking if it is permanent move back to India ? Can she tell them that she is planning to come on H4 visa ?

Q2. My H1B is expiring in 2021. What are the main hurdles that she is going to face in H4 visa stamping interview?

Hi yes she can inform to her DSO. And your h1b expiration is not a problem.Recently i faced the same situationz. So i inform d my DSO i will be back on H4.

They will ask her abt her education and employer details and ur details