My phd chances in US after bachelors?

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i am doing my BE (electrical) from mumbai’s one of the top 5 college. i am interested in doing phd (EE) from US university after bachelors, i need funding also i am holding only 60% in each year but no backlog till now (studying in final year) but having 3 technical paper and 4 working projects , out of which 2 are national level project and lot more co and extra curricular.

please please please tell me wheather can i get into phd course or not in good university ???

waiing for your answer.


Hi Suyog,

I have done my PhD from University of Notre Dame at Indiana, USA. University of Notre Dame is a good school to pursue PhD after Bachelors as this university has a combined Masters and PhD program so in most cases you don’t have to work extra for a masters degree. Another thing that I like about University of Notre Dame Graduate School is that it gives preference to PhD students and provide every PhD student with full tuition waiver and a decent stipend.

The overall ranking of the university may disguise you (mostly because of its smaller size) but if you find a good professor and research group to work with, it can turn out to be a good place.

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Good Luck !!