My petition got picked in lottery, my passport will be expired in next 6 months, can I go for the renewal now?

Hi Friends,

I selected in h1b 2022 lottery with my old passport number.
Passport will be expired on 19-Jan-2022.

So what is the best approach for me.
Shall I go with old passport for documentation submition and get a renewed passport for visa stamping?
Shall I get the renewed passport and the go with new passport number for documentation submition?
Is this give any trouble as I have given one for lottery and another one for documentation?

Can you please provide your valuable suggestion would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


Recently we went for stamping of my kid in drop box mode and her passport was also 6 months expiry situation but did not face any issue for stamping.

I called consulate and they told it is country specific for India exemption is there.You can go for stamping no issues.

After my daughter passport got visa stamped then her passport got renewed but remember you have to carry both passports while traveling.


Thanks for the Information Krishna.

But my doubt is, for now I just selected in lottery with old passport number, I haven’t summited documents yet.
Can I get the new passport now and submit the new passport for H1B documentation so that my new passport will have 10 years validity and VISA Stamping can be done on new passport ?

Because I heard if passport will expire soon then the will give the VISA expiry time also same.
Is it true ?
In that case my passport validity will have 3 or 4 months by VISA Interview time (approx. Sept or Oct.
Passport Expiry Date : January-2022

Is this be any issue ? or any better approach ?

I have no idea about H1B process as I am applying first time in my life.

Sorry for the confusion.


Passport validity should not be an issue for petition approval validity.It gets approved based on LCA and not based on your passport expiry.

while going for stamping you can have renewal passport.

Please even check with your employer for safer side and take their suggestion too.
I read some articles that it should not be an issue with passport validity for approval of a petition duration.


Thank you very much Krishna.

Play safe and get a new passport for documentation as well as stamping. While filing for your H1b, your employer/attorney will use scanned copies of both the passports.