My parents are go for visiting visa

Good Morning Sir,

I have applied to my parents for visiting visa twice last Year with in 1 month gap time my husband sponsored for them even though I’m on H1 .They dint ask for single document .My father is a government Employee he has service for 7 More Years but he has less earning like he earns 2 lakhs per annum. My 2 brothers are Working in India .They got rejected stating how I’m sure you will return back to India. My Dad is in service and Has NOC letter as well but they dint look at the docs .Yesterday My mom attended the Interview and got her visa this time I sponsored her .But I would like to invite my father here as well. I would like to sponsored but what are the chances of getting visa since my mom already attended the visa. Is there any question about the my mom at the visa interview as he is only attending if so what is the answer he can give .Please reply me .



I don’t think they usually ask about the wife. The question is typically who all are in US, and that would not include the wife as she is still in India. However, if asked he should respond truthfully, as they already know the answer.