My OPT got denied, need advice

Hi All,

Today (April 21,2015) my OPT EAD got denied.

My OPT i20 was issued on 11/12/2014 with OPT start date - 1/19/2015. I got graduated on 1/11/2015.USCIS received my case on 1/23/2015 .

Could it be the dates that caused the denial. Please help.

Hi chand,

even i am facing dat kind of opt got denied because i have sent my docs to USCIS in 32 days.for that reason only they might be denied my opt.So,will it be a problem for your status once your opt got denied???

My OPT denial came in 90days after my graduation. Since itz beyond the 60 days grace period, my status is in problem. Either I have to leave the country in 30 days or I have to go for a change of status. I am yet to receive the denial notice. OnceI get it I have to apply for H4 visa. How about you?

HI Chandan I have same problem i got same problem my OPT got denial, I dont know what do now, i contacted DSO she dint respond yet. and how can you apply H4 visa???