My OPT expires in February but I am applying for H1B in April i.e. within 60 day grace period


I have my OPT expiring in the month of February 2019. I was told that I will have a grace-period of 60 days for changing status. My company is willing to sponsor me H1B in April. But since I am applying for H1B during my grace-period I was told I will lose my authorization to work during cap-gap. So that means I can not work until October 1st if my H1B approves. Is there any other way around it that makes me eligible to work.

Now another thing is, I am also filing my H4-visa and H4 EAD through my husband’s company but they say it would take any time between 8-12 months for me to get my H4 which is still a long wait to work again.

Another option is: I got my Ph.D., so I have plans to apply for the EB1 category. I have information that it would take around 8 months for an EAD card to approve.

My first question is: Can I process so many applications at the same time? I heard the last application approved will be my current status. Is that right? But is there any other option that I cannot think of where I can work without a gap? Please suggest.

Thank you,