My new H1 B petition and L1 B extension petition got RFE

I am currently in L1B visa.My visa and I-94 is getting expired by 8/15/2013.I have applied for L1B to H1B conversion. It got an RFE against my H1 B petition asking how will I stay in US from 8/15 to 10/1 when I am expected to receive my HI B approval. For that I filed an extension for my L1B visa in Premium processing and send the receipt number in response to my H1B RFE. My L1 B extension also got an RFE.
I have time till September end to respond to it. I thought of responding to my L1 B extension RFE by mid September and hoping to get the H1B approval by then.
I am not sure whether my thought is rational or will it work. If I respond to my RFE against my L1 B petition soon and it got rejected, then I have to fly back to India, which will be the worst thing for me.

1.I seek your advice and suggestion on the same.

  1. Should I respond soon to the RFE against my L1 B extension petition or I should wait till mid of September for response.

  2. What happens if my L1 B gets approved before my H1 B approval?

4.what happens if my L1B gets rejected and I got H1 B approval?

  1. They don’t need proof of L-1 extension filing, but proof of approval of L-1 extension. So having file L-1 extension allows you to stay in US, but COS approval is dependent on L-1 extension approval.

  2. You need to reply to L-1 extension in order to get it approved. How confident are you about the L-1 approval?

  3. Your status will become L-1 and then change to H-1 when the latter gets approved w/ COS.

  4. You need to leave US if L-1 gets denied and H-1 is not approved w/ COS.