My l1b is max out , Can I extend my stay in US if I get i140 approved?


I am in l1 B visa. (Max out 5 years )? I enter to US on August 2009 . I went for vacation once. So I got my i94 valid till August 2013. I went to Canada on August 2013 and got l1b extension. They gave it for another 5 years. Since my work permit is only for total 5 years in l1b( till oct 2014) I have to go back to India and stay there for 365 days. Then I can continue remaining years in l1b.

My question is,

I applied for green card a year before. Today only my company said they gonna file my case under EB2 shortly.

1.How long it will take to get i140 approved?

2.if I get i140 approved can I go back to India in October 2014 and stay there for 365 and come back? . ( while my green card is in progress.)

will it affect the process?

I have two ways to extend my stay in US.

  1. I can apply for h1 and stay for 1 more year or

  2. I can apply for l1 A and stay for 2 more years.

but my green card process will take minimum of 5 years. Anyway I have to go to India and stay.

is there any other ways to extend my stay in US till I get my green card. .?

please give any suggestion.

i gonna consult my attorney too…