My I94 is not updated .will it be a problem while applying for STEM OPT extension?

I traveled in the month on Dec ,2015 and returned to the US in Jan,2016. But my I94 shows my initial date of entry in the US. (Aug,2014). Is this an issue while applying for OPT extension. Please help.

If you traveled in 2016, check your latest I-94 online using your passport number. It should reflect your latest entry date.

Thanks for your response ramanan .It shows only my first date of entry into the US not the latest. A CBP official has suggested that I visit Canada and upon arrival they would update my I94. But this is not an option for me right now. Can i go ahead with the old I94 information while applying for extension?

It is what it is, so go ahead and use it. If a query arises from USCIS, your lawyer can explain it. You cannot update the CBP system, once you enter the country. It is only at the entry, you can make changes if any.

I hope the validity period of I-94 that is shown online is current and not expired yet. The US customs maintain the I-94 system, not USCIS, so they may be out of sync at times.

Yeah the validity is good. Just the date, i wasn’t sure of. Thanks again for the help.