My husband on h1,I on h4.we traveled to India,he extended his stay.Can I travel back to US alone

My husband is h1 and myself on h4. we traveled to India recently , but due to an emergency his stay got extended . Can I travel back to USA alone while he is in India. His office has approved his vacation. what question can I expect at POE.

If his stay in India is extended for short duration then you can travel to US on H-4. I don’t think they will ask where the husband is, but in case they do you can reply truthfully that he will join you later as he has to finish some personal business in India. Also show employer’s letter to show that he is still employed in US and is on an approved vacation.

Thanks!!! Have you know any such cases before. I posted the same question on avvo, they said i will violate my status if i come alone… So i wanted to make sure if u have seen Ny one doing this…

I don’t know anyone who has done that. Even though I still think you should be fine, but avvo’s responses are from attorneys who have more legal knowledge than me.