My H1B will Expire by 31st Dec 2014 and I-94 by 30th of Nov 2014 .can i stay US after the I-94 expiry ?


It would be a great help if you can clarify my question.

I am on a valid H1 VIsa now. it is getting expired by 31st December 2014 and my i-94 getting expired by 30th November 2014.

My Employer is going to apply for a extension for this visa.

So , if i do not get the extended visa by Dec 31st , can i stay back in US until some grace period or some thing ?

How long will it take to get the visa extension if i apply it now ?

As long as an immigration activity is in process and you have evidence to prove it, you are considered in status. Extensions take 30 to 45 days if all documents are in order.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University,

Legally you can stay in US only untill your I94 end date. If you have applied for extension and get it approved you can stay till the new I94