My H1B was filed on April 9th 2012. Status is still Initial review.


My H1B was filed on April 9th . I received my receipt number from my employer. But status is still Initial review. People whose Visa was filed even in July time frame is approved.It is filed with EAC -Vermont Serive center.

Can anyone tell me how long does it take for approval ?




In Vermont they have completed processing for all the petitions filed before April 16th. If your petition is before this date you need to call the uscis support center ask about your petition. Whether you or your employer can do this.



Thanks Vivek for the reply.
But when I checked in the USCIS site. It shows Initial Review. Can I please have the number to call up and check?

Go to USCIS - Check processing times page. select Vermont as your processing center, then you can find the number over there or in the main page where you check you case status.

I have checked that.But its not clear on it. It just shows the general processing pattern.

Here is the number . Please call them and ask .“IMPORTANT: If your receipt notice date is earlier then the processing date shown, we suggest you call our USCIS Customer Service Office at 1-800-375-5283 for assistance”

Ok thanks for the quick reply. I will call them up and check. :slight_smile:

Welcome . All the best :slight_smile: . please Let us know how was their response.

I had called up USCIS. But status is still the same, probably IVR machine picks up the status from the same database where USCIS site is updated.

Okay… Did you check whether any option is avialable to reach the people of USCIS to get the detailed inputs. If not that is really useless for us.

Ya I tried reaching them. One of them said employer itself has to call.
Other he almost accepted my request and asked for PIN which I didnt know since I was at home… I will check with my Visa team today if I can call them directly and then give a call.

Okay… Hope fully you should reach them with some hurdles…

Ya I can reach them but only thing that is bothering me is if I can call them directly or employer has to call…

Hi Vivek, How can we check till what date EAC processed? Can you help us with the link? My COS filed on May 4th and it is still in Initial review.


Hi Devi,

Please use this link
and select processing center as Vermont.