My H1B validety till Nov 6 th 2013, but I got June 2015

Hi , 1) My H1b validety is going to complete sept 29 th 2013 or Nov 6th 2013 ( 6 years term) may I will get 6 weeks extra since I went to india for vacation, But I had applaied for Visa extention and ammendment ( changed client), and got extention till 2015 June instead of nov 2013. Please let me know whather it is valid and I can stay in us legally.and I applying ammendment now since I am changing client now, just want to check still I get extention till June 2015. 2 ) If I have visa validety till nov 2013 is it possible for me to apply GC labour and is it mandotary we need 365 days to apply GC labour. Please let me know

You would need to leave the US the day your 6 years period ends. USCIS might have given you the standard 3 years time till June 2015, but do not use this to stay beyond your 6 years.

USCIS would eventually figure this out in the future and you might be barred because of illegal stay.

In my opinion , its too late to fill for Labor since there is not enough time left (you should have filed labor and it should have been pending for 365 days or more for getting further extensions on the h1)