My H1B still with 'Initial Review' filed on 25th April. Please suggest!!!

My H1B is filed with WAC centre on 25th April. It is still with Initial Review status.

It is almost 4 months now. What should I do?

Is there anyone whose H1B of 25th April still with Initial Review?

WAC processing center completed all the petitions filled before April 13th. On August 31st USCIS will update till which date they have completed. Based on that data you can follow up with them. please wait until August 31.



Thanks Vivek for the response. Hey can we individually follow up with USCIS or employer needs to follow? If employer needs to follow up with them, then I would need a favor from you. Please let me know which page you refer to get details about the completion status of USCIS.

my H1B is still pending too…applied on April 20th - it has been over 4 month now… i called the USCIS but they wanted to talk to my emploeyer. Can the applicant call individually or not? thank you.

Hey Maya, even I am not sure if we can contact USCIS individually. As said by Vivek, I will wait till 31st Aug. Let us see what can be done after that.
Hey plz update me if you get any updates about your H1b case.

Yes I will def let you know. Please you too! thanks.

Only petitioner can enquire I guess. In USCIS site go to Check processing times, select your processing center ( WAC, EAC ) then you see the dates till which they have completed in the tabular column. On top of it, They mentioned that if your petition date is earlier call support center. use that number to call.

Sure! thanks.

Hey! just wanted to let you know that i got my visa approved today…!! I am so happy. Hope yours will be next :slight_smile:

Thanks Maya for update. Congrats :slight_smile: I’m happy for you.

Mine still Initial Review… let us see when I will get updates.

Hey mine got approved today … I am really very happy :slight_smile:

My application is on 16th April, 2012. Still its initial review. Can anyone tell me when i can expect result.

not sure Rajesh. But you can call USCIS to enquire about it. You will get the contact number on USCIS site.

Thanks vak for your reply. I enquire with my employer they are saying i waill get result on 15 sept. Is it right? I am not sure as who have applied in may june thier visa got approved.

Please suggest

your employer is right. Sep 15 USCIS will update the processing status.

Thanks, then i will wait until 15th Sep.

California service center completed processing till May 11th 2012. Recent updates from USCIS

Hi My many colleagues have get update on their application.But my status is still Initial Review…Can you please tell me what to do? I am confused now!!!

if your filing date is before 11 may 2012 then i think you should call USCIS. If needed talk with your employer before making a call to USCIS.

finally…my petition is approved on 3rd October…now I am happy :slight_smile: