My H1B petition got selected in CAP, which has been filed by consultant. Is it good to go forward with Consultant

Dear, Community.

I hope every one of you is doing good and safe.

I have a few questions related to the H1B visa process. Since this is my first time filing for an H1B visa I may ask silly questions, in that case, please pardon me.

My questions are as below.

  1. My visa petition has been filed by a consultant (The Veritas healthcare solutions llc) and after some research on the, I have found that their grades are poor Like (F). In this case, can I go ahead with the further process?
  2. Being an Indian citizen residing in France. Do I have to go to India for visa stamping?
  3. Does every consultant charges money from H1B applicants?
  4. Also, if there is any WhatsApp community for H1 B-related queries then can you please add me to such a group.

I would really appreciate communities valuable suggestions. Thank you in advance.