My H1B petition for FY2014 is submitted..

My H1B petition for FY2014 is submitted…I am waiting for the filing of the petition…Now is it possible for the employer to withdraw my petition?

Can someone please help asap?

Yes, your employer can withdraw it. But not sure if they would return the fees.

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Thanks for ur response…till what stage employer can withdraw??once I get petition number can they withdraw then?

They can withdraw any time is what I believe.

If they return the petition for non-selection in the lottery, then all fees will be returned. If receipt number is issued and your employer withdraws it, then no fees is returned.

i suppose your employer cannot withdraw as its already submitted to uscis. But if you leave the company once your visa s selected in lottery, they can cancel it. anyhow they wont get the fee back unless if its rejected in lottery