My H1B number transferred to another office but I haven't received any mail and not sure if my employer received it.

I saw the tracker in USCIS site in which am informed that my case was transferred by May 18 th to another office. It also says that I would have received a mail by June 17 and I haven’t received any. My employer is not that very communicative. Would my number also have changed?

All mail communication is sent to employer and not you. Probably they received it and not sharing w/ you. However, the receipt number doesn’t change and you case use the old one to track your status online.

Thank you Saurabh. You have been kind to respond fast. I did use my case number but it doesn’t say anything beyond the same statement that it is transferred to another office. Wonder why an employer wouldn’t want to share the response with the employee. Do you think that they may not have considered that this is not worth sharing.

The case transfer notice is pretty standard and I don’t think there is anything worth sharing in it.

Hi Saurabh, It is almost end of August and yet my status keeps showing that the case is transferred to another office. My employer told me that it is CA office transferred from VA to CA. I checked with CA office site but don’t see any update after the June 30th. Getting a bit edgy!! Am I overtly concerned or is it something very normal. Usually what is the time line to get the nod( rather how long I should just leave it and not get anxious about) . Thank you

This is still normal. There are several other people waiting for their approvals. Patience is the key :slight_smile:

Thank q. Your reply is very reassuring! Best regards, Ram.

Hi Saurabh, Until now I have no update on my status. My case was transferred to CA office from VA in May 2016.I tried my employer’s HR and have left mail notes and left voice messages. No response at all from her., not even an acknowledgment. I have been sending this note almost once a week over a month. I am patient as you advised but at times it bugs me. Is there a way to know what’s happening? Are their some issues which she is hiding?

It is normal. Lack of communication from employer side could be b/c of no meaningful updates. There could be other employees pinging them as well, and they may have decided not to respond until the case progresses.

You have the option to upgrade to PP if you want a faster decision.

I did speak with my employer about the necessity to apply for PP. They just told me that they would revert and I have been waiting for more than a week since. No reply and have left mails and voice messages. I don’t see any change in the status at the USCIS site. It remains to show that the last processing done was Dec 2015. No note beyond. Frustrating. Is this still normal?

Every year there are few petitions that are not processed by Sep 30th. So its normal.

Hi Saurabh, At last on the Oct 3rd , my stays had shifted request for additional evidence. I contacted my employer and they said they are submitting the papers through their attorney. What is the time frame and is that something that I should be worried about. What are my chances, in your view? Regards

In the meantime, my application status is also upgraded with PP filing. Can you advise me if My employer and I am doing doing right things?

What is the normal RFE response time given to the employer? I must tell you that my employer does not keep me quite posted of the developments as I would have expected. Perhaps these are normal for them.

RFE response time is 60 or 90 days (don’t remember which one).

Upgrading to PP would make them adjudicate within 15 calendar days once response has been received. So you would have a clarity and can decide what to do further. Right move if things were getting murky and you needed to make concrete decisions.