My H1b got revoked on 25th of April need suggestions on H4 converstion

I came to US in 2014 on H4 dependent Visa and I have valid I-94 until August 2017 and after coming here I applied for H1b and it got approved and revoked on April 25 2017 in amendment process here my question is can I stay in US on H4 visa which I have stamping on my passport when I entered into US in 2014 or do I need new immigration process for H4 visa.

If I need visa can I travel to mexico and get H4 dependent visa or should I travel home country to get Visa stamped.

What status are you on now ? Did you work on H1 ?

I think you should be able to get your passport stamped by travelling to Mexico. Can you tell me the reason why your H1B got revoked ? The reason of revoke can impact your choices for H4 Stamping.