My H1B Drop box stamping February 2022 @ US Consulate Kolkata

Dropped my H1B documents @ Kolkata, US Consulate on 10th Feb 2022. My case status was ‘Application Received’ for 3 days and changed to ‘Refused’ on 15th Feb.
I received email from Kolkata US consulate and asked me to come for in person interview on 22nd Feb and bring necessary documents including I129 petiton.

Appeared for in person interview on 22nd Feb @ Kolkata US Consulate @ 10.30 am and Visa Officer asked all the documents including my 6 months US pay stubs, Employer letter, Client letter, Vendor letter, LCA and finally full petition of I129.
But i had only few pages of I129 and Visa officer wants the full booklet that my employer attorney’s office filed for my H1B extension.
I said i dont have the full booklet of I129 petition and he gave white color form [221g] and returned my passport and asked me to talk to my employer to send/email the scannd copy of the full booklet of I129 petition.

I spoke to my employer and asked him to send the scanned copy to the email address mentioned in the 221g form and he did the same in the next day on 23rd Feb.

I received email from Kolkata US Consulate on 28th Feb and asked me to drop my passport to the nearest VAC center to complete the administrative processing. On this day, my case status changed from ‘Refused’ to ‘Administrative Prcessing’.
I was Delhi at this time [for personal reasons] and i dropped my passport at Delhi VAC center.

on 3rd March, my case status was changed to ‘Issued’ and i received email on 8th February from Delhi VAC center to pickup the stamped passport.

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