My father's salary is 25k per month in india, He is a govt. employee. Is GRE an over ambitious choice for me ?

I’am doing in manufacturing Technology currently in 7th sem . i want to study abroad. i belong to a lower middle class family and want to do my masters on loan which i’ll pay after with my job .
i am not sound in core subjects of my branch and interested in MBA but i can’t afford MBA and more because i don’t want to lose my 2-3 years , I want to do my masters in Industrial engineeing and after job will be my top priority. Considering this and my profile (10th-86% , 12th – 80%, grad – 65 %, 1 project in IIT bhu, working with 2 ngo’s) how much should i score in gre to get an admit in a state university with low tution fee and funding also if possible.

PS- is work experience also required for MS. (if i want to apply for industrial engineering with 1 year experience in IT firm .)

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Well, if your passion is MBA, you should go for it. In fact, you need few years of experience to do MBA. Read With H1B lottery situation you need to be practical on the options. I suggest you take some time to think about all these options and then make a decision.