My F1 is rejected thrice, Now planning to apply for F2

I have been rejected thrice on F1 by the US consulate. Twice at Hyderebad and third one recently at Chennai. Now am planning to go on F2 as my husband is already thr since one month on F1 and the University already issued me a F2 I20… So Will there be a chance for me get the visa approve or the previous F1 rejections will effect. Please kindly suggest me whether should i go for F2 or not. Or should i wait for sumtym for the application. Coz in 2 months i applied thrice for F1… Please respond me what should i do now…

Previous F-1 rejections wouldn’t impact the outcome of F-2 visa stamping as long as those rejections weren’t due to submission of fraud/false documents/information.

Thank you for ur reply… And No my previous rejections weren’t due to fraud/false statement. but they were rejected for 1st was for lying that my husband did get the visa 2nd was for sponsorship that your father in law is not eligible to sponsor you and ur husband and 3rd one for university, why did u choose only this univ? and why did u not applied for f2 if your husband is already thr on f1?

And i have one more doubt about the financial documents and sponsorship. As now i cannot show that my father in law is going to sponsor me. So now can i say that my husband is going to sponsor me and moreover i too have the savings in my account. So while filling my DS 160 shud i write my husband’s name in the sponsor???

For F-2 visa financial sponsorship is not required. They would have already vetted your spouse when he appeared for his F-1 visa stamping.

You should carry proof of marriage, his F-1 docs etc.

Thnx for ur reply… What questions i may expect in my interview???

They may ask where your spouse is studying, courses/majors etc. They may also ask about your wedding, what you plan to do in US etc. This is not an exhaustive list of questions.

Thx saurabh for your quick responces… I have one more doubt regarding Ds form, whose name should i write in the place of sponsorship??? should i write my husband’s name??? And if during my interview if the VO asked me how can uu husband sponsor you?? he juz went 2months ago to US?? What should i answer VO if this question is asked to me… Anticipately waiting for your reply…

It is ok to mention husband’s name. I don’t think they will ask how he can sponsor you. The assumption is that when his F-1 was approved, he would have enough funds to help himself and his family.

Hi safa7 even i am experiencing the same problem so did you go to the f2 visa? What happened?