My F1 is approved in the last semester, Will I have OPT issues?

I joined for masters in January 2017 on H4 visa status. It expired in October 2017. However, I filed for a change of status from H4 to F1 in June 2017 and it was denied in April 2018. After which, I travelled to my home country and re entered USA on F1 status in August 2018. While I was waiting on my COS decision, I was enrolled full time continuously all the semesters and I have only one course left to complete my masters now. If I graduate in this December, would it cause any problems for getting OPT as I did not have H4 since October 2017 and COS was denied? Would my enrollment during COS wait time still be considered valid even if COS was denied? Other students who got their COS approved in the last semester got OPT as they were on H4 for previous semesters, which is not my case. Please help me through this.

Well, this is something that you need to discuss with DSO to get insights, if you would get it or not. Sometimes, they require the student to be in F1 status for certain amount of time to be eligible for OPT.

Your current status is F1, that’s what matters. You do not have to worry about your COS denials as they are previous one does not matter. Speak to your DSO and get their advice. You may also take an Infopass appointment with USCIS to understand more

Rekha…my wife is also in the same situation…did you get your opt approved?