My Ex has H1b our son wants to live & attend school in USA

Q: My ex husband has an H1B Visa and works in the US. I live in Canada (we are all Canadians) and our son now wants to join his Dad to live with him, and attend high school and perhaps college/university.

Our son requires an H4 visa to do so.

Does my ex have to fly to Canada to travel back with our son? OR

Can I instead get the paperwork completed here in Canada at a US Consular office?

Do I need to obtain a certified copy /travel document that states that I am in agreement with this, and also certified copies of our divorce papers which state we share joint custody?

Anyone have experience with this circumstance?

Thank you!

Travel restrictions on a minor are an airlines policy matter and also your comfort level in having the little guy fly by himself. All paperwork can be completed in Canada, a parent does not have to travel back and forth for this. Wish you and the family the very best.

Dr. Sandeep Shankar

Academic Advisor (India) to The Executive Director

Colorado Heights University

Denver, CO 80223, USA