My employer says H1B transfer is not possible. Please help

Hi,I have done MS in USA from 2006 to 2007 and I got H1b approved from 2008 to 2011 under Master’s(STEM) quota. I only worked for 4 months in this visa and I went out of USA. I came back to USA in 2014, starting working using L2 EAD and got cap-exempt(non profit) H1B approved. I am currently working on this H1B visa. Recently, I got an offer from a for profit company and I wanted to transfer my old for-profit H1B to the new company. However, since it has been more than six years(from 2008), my new company’s immigration specialist is saying h1b transfer is not possible. Can you please advise?Thank you very much,Raja

There have been few instances shared when person was able to get cap-exempt petition approved even if old petition was more than 6 years old. So looks like USCIS is going easy on this.

Still, in the end it is the attorney who needs to be convinced about the filing.