My employer is saying he cant file my H1 under Master's Cap I have a MS degree .

Hi, I am having my F1 OPT status now and will be applying for H1. I did my Masters in Biochemistry And molecular biology Bioinformatics Track from Georgetown Universit US the university is having all accreditations required. And I did my B-TECH in Bioinformatics from Sathyabhama Univesity India And I am working as a programmer analyst from oct-2012 till now. will I am still eligible to apply my H1 application under Master’s Cap or should I apply my H1 application under normal H1 cap. My employer is saying I should apply it to regular H1 cap as my We cannot file under the Master’s cap because my Master’s degree is in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and thus not in a field of study directly related to his offered IT role. But I have subjects in my masters and Btech related to computer programming. I want to file my H1 under Master’s Cap as it will increase my chances to get picked in the lottery. please give me the information required

You can apply through H1b Master’s cap as you will get two chances. Try explaining how your Master’s course work relates to your IT work role to your employer/lawyer. Hope your Master degree certificates are attached along with the petition.

Ultimately it is up to them to decide how they want to file it, try convincing them. I think we can worry about RFE part for later once the petition gets selected.

Thanks Ramanan for the information