My Employer Filled the H1B visa application, till now they didn't get any there any chances? .kindly advise.

My Employer Filed the H1b visa application on April 7th 2016, but still they didn’t get any receipt or email from the concern department. is there any chances for me to be select in this year lottery? if so what is the time frame? when i will get the result?

Chances of selection are pretty low now. It is better to start working on alternate plans, if any.

Many Thanks Saurabh…

What are the options available for the alternate plans? can you guide me.

My Employer told me to wait until june 10th. let us see.

Are you inside US or outside? If inside US, what visa are you on?

I am outside USA. can you explain please.

Talk to your employer to see if you are eligible for L-1 visa.

Find a cap-exempt employer - school, university, non-profit org in US that can sponsor your H-1.

Many thanks for your wise advise… I will follow the same…