My Employer 'A' revoked H1B petition , am i eligible for CAP Exempt for FY 2016

Hi ,I have got H1B from Employer A in 2013 which was stamped on october 2013 valid till september 2014.But i was never travelled on that visa and it got expired, so i have left the employer A. Later I joined the Employer B and tried to transfer that H1B but within this time, receipt number in case status showed as ‘Revocation notice was sent’ on April 23 2015.

Q:Whether i am CAP exempt to file a new petition in FY 2016 by using old case receipt ? till how many years it is CAP exempt?

Q:Employer ‘B’ Immigration team said it got revoked by previous employer and i have never travelled on this Visa ,so i am not eligible for CAP exempt .If it is not revoked then they can do transfer. is it true? Thanks.

It depends, may be possible for cap exemption or may not be, bec i am also in same situation some attorney’s say it is possible and others says not possible…

Did you guys have any answer on this issue? I am in the same situation.

Hi…were you able to get your visa transfered…Please do reply as I am n same situation currently

I was in the same situation. I was able to file cap-exempt and have travelled back to the US. Good Luck with everything :slight_smile: