my cusion marriage in U.S, pl. confirm we apply for which visa and documents require from my end and cusion from U.S ?

  1. my mother age is 62 years, she is housemaker.
  2. my wife age is 36, and she is goverment school teacher.
  3. my age is 42 years, and myself engage in family business with my father, we have two kids not treveled with us.
  4. my brother is also engage in family business.age is 34 years.
  5. my nephew is 15 years, study in 11th class.
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B-1/2 is the only visa you can apply for in order to visit US to attend a marriage.

Documents required:

  • Relationship documents b/w applicant and cousin getting married

  • Personal identification documents like passport etc

  • Financial status documents to show that you will be able to take care of the expenses

  • Ties to home country to show that you are not an immigrant and will return home. This could include social and/or financial ties